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          Zhejiang Changxing Teaworld Food Co.,Ltd

          Zhejiang Changxing Teaworld Food Co., Ltd. is one modern agricultural science and technology enterprise which is focus on R&D, production and sales, it has a rich collection of high quality tea resource in China, offer consumers natural, healthy, safe and delicious tea products with professional tech, scientific management, advanced process, which will be dedicated to promoting fast and convenient way to drink tea.


          Currently, company owns tea base of 35000 acres, which can provide safe and superior tea raw material. It has 40 pcs of variety of tea bag machine, and it has been largest tea bag of R&D processing center in China, the products are sold to Japan, Europe and other developed markets. The company has two automatic production lines of tea fine processing, it has become the top tea raw material supplier for world-renowned tea beverage manufacturers.


          The company has passed ISO9001/HACCP/QS certification, with a strict management of source of raw materials, production processes, product quality. The company hired of well-known domestic and International experts in tea culture, manufacturing, quality management, formed a strong R & D team of consultants, has developed a Chinese tea, tea drinks, raw materials, health tea, fruit tea, flowers, four series and more than 3 dozens of variety and has received dozens of national patents.


          Nowaday, The company is agricultural product processing company business model, clean production enterprises, agricultural science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, one of the top ten key agricultural enterprises in Huzhou City.


          To see the word from the leaf, to see the universe from the tea, the company is willing to work with all the friends, promote the Chinese tea industry, to bring health life style to consumers across the globe.

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